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Skypenosis is the new way of working with clients remotely via the internet. Hypnosis using Skype is a very special form of therapy which opens up a whole new opportunity for both clients and therapists. It is excellent for a person wanting therapy in their home or a hypnotherapist who would like to work with people who live in a different town or even a different country.

As a therapist you can now attract, and work with clients who are unable to see you face-to-face.  You now have a potential market of the more than two billion people who are connected to the internet by high speed broadband.

Using Skype via video or audio sessions, you can have remarkable success. Our experience is that, in some cases, the mesmeric effect of the screen can mean that your clients will reach a deeper state of trance, ensuring more effective outcomes to therapy. In addition, with Skypnosis you can now reach people suffering from issues such as agoraphobia, cancer or chronic pain that make it virtually impossible for them to visit a therapist.

Skypenosis works!  Here are some remarkable testimonials from recent skypenosis sessions – See also Testimonial page.


Anara had successful Skypetherapy including the fear of her upcoming childbirth.

I worked with Anara for finding her dream while some very important distressing events were happening in her life that were stopping her focusing. These had to be dealt with before she could move forward. She was also pregnant and wanted to have an ideal birth. The therapy was far beyond her expectations and she is now living her dream with her life in order. Here is her testimonial. Update on her therapy:

“I was heavily pregnant and working on manifesting one of my life’s ambitions when I had skype sessions with Valerie to make what some would consider impossible, the possible. I wanted to move to Spain from Ireland with my husband and 2 children to open a Holistic Eco Retreat Centre. I did not want to wait until the baby was born and old enough because my eldest daughter was due to start secondary school and so a move now would mean a better start for her and an easier transition for the whole family. The result of my skype sessions enabled me to spend the next 6 months I had to achieve my goals with a dedicated and organised focus. I began to give my body time to rest when needed, I followed my instincts with regards to networking in Spain from Ireland, via the internet and telephone, we found the right school for the kids, the right location to establish our retreat centre and I believed in myself and my universe followed. After a successful 4 hour pain free birth as a result of hypno-birthing with Valerie, when our baby was 4 weeks old we moved to Spain and within 7 weeks we moved into our new home and Retreat centre; a cosy, bright and beautiful place in a gorgeous location and enough land to create an abundant permaculture forest garden.”


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Valerie Austin and Keith Anthony Taylor.

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Ann Price Testimonial Neuropathic Pain

Ann Price had debilitating neuropathic pain and migraines but reported after her first session of hypnotherapy with Keithanthony Taylor CHt. “It’s like a miracle I can walk effortlessly again!”