What is Skypenosis?

A guide to Skypenosis for both clients and therapists by Valerie Austin

Skypnosis is simply a technique for working with clients remotely via the internet, using Skype. A therapy that gives the impression it defies logic by getting results with both physical and psychological issues without needing to visit the therapist.

“Using logic I thought hypnosis by Skype would only result in a much lower success rate and that it would be very difficult using hypnosis without physically being with your client. However, I was delighted to find out that it was the opposite. To my surprise, having become proficient at hypnosis by Skype I find that it works extremely well on both psychological problems and physical ailments. Not everything in this world of healing is logical, as many medical practitioners and scientists have found out.“

Aino pain control

How it started:

I met Keithanthony’s through my hypnotherapy conferences and was just checking his website when I started to watch his testimonials. I was very impressed at the level of healing he was capable of. After talking to him at length I found out he was a Brain-injury survivor and long time hypnotherapist. He said he was one of the first therapists to use Skype for therapy and developed quick and easy inductions when Skype became popular. Before Skype he had been working for years using hypnosis over the telephone. However, I was still not completely sold on it until I started to use Skype therapy myself with his guidance and it amazed me how successful it was.

In the first live interview/testimonial I watched on his website I was surprised to discover that his client Aino Welch, who was singing his praises, was speaking from Alaska. This piqued my interest, as the lady praising Keithanthony was unlikely to have been over to the UK to have treatment with hypnosis. It was the range of physical problems he was able to fix that got me to research the subject.

Aino was only a young teenager when she had a very serious accident cutting her finger to the bone. Her father who was a practicing surgeon did an emergency surgery to save and restore the use of the finger. The surgery although successful caused Aino to experience a profound lasting numbness. Keithanthony knew nothing of this until after helping here with some problems he asked her if there was  anything else she needed help with. She told him about her finger discomfort and he realise that the numbness may be a protection mechanism that needed removing. WIth hypnosis in that session he successfully restored 95% sensation which is now 100% fixed.  I thought this to be a very powerful way of healing and so  I started to talk to Keithanthony more seriously about his particular unique style of healing. I was so impressed that I invited him to present at my conference.

Using it myself I intrigued, so much so that I decided that this type of healing was an excellent extra tool for the hypnotherapist who wants to increase their business around the globe. Have you ever thought of working with people overseas or on other continents such as Asia, China or a secluded island? Now therapy around the world is within your grasp.”

I began to utilize Skype for hypnosis healing and the results were amazing. Having viewed dozens of testimonials from experts like Keith I realized that there was a wealth of experience and proof that distance is no object when it comes to working with clients remotely. Video testimonials were one thing but the real proof came with the extraordinary success with my own clients.

Working via the Internet opens up a whole new world of clients that ordinarily can’t visit you face-to-face for various reasons. This could be due to physical or psychological limitations – or a potential client simply located in another country, county or state – or they may be suffering with an issue that prevents them leaving the house such as agoraphobia, chronic pain or a disability etc.

Using Skype for a video (or audio) link, you can work with the client normally. The only limitation is physical contact and these days most therapists have a repertoire of non-physical inductions they can use with clients allowing them to easily work via Skype.

A recent accident has left me with less mobility so when a client called and needed an urgent therapy session, I was so grateful to be able to use Skype to work with her. I could do the session from my own home and the client didn’t need to travel to me. I provided top quality therapy via the internet and she was delighted with the results.

If you’re a therapist and are interested in learning how to utilize Skype for therapy you can learn to use Skypnosis in your practice at an exclusive workshop with Keithanthony Taylor and leading hypnotherapist and trainer Valerie Austin email valerieasutinhyp@aol.com for details