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Keithanthony is an excellent ‘Skype Therapist’ who is co-hosting the ‘Skype Training’ with Valerie Austin.


Keithanthony at his practice working his incredible hypnosis healing

Keithanthony at his practice working his incredible hypnosis healing


Who is Keithanthony, your trainer?

Keithanthony is a very skilled hypnotherapist who has used Skype as a therapeutic tool for hypnotising his clients and helping them with their problems and illnesses. He teaches his clients to use self-help resulting in a reduction of pain and recently he has been working with Chris West teaching him self-hypnosis so he was enabled to reduce his blood pressure to a safe reading that surprised and delighted his doctor.

He has worked with telephone hypnotherapy for many, many years and as soon as the new technology of Skype became available he upgraded to it while still using the telephone for his clients that did not have the technology.  He also works on a one-to-one bases at his practice so with this powerful combination he is completely flexible to clients who would otherwise never have the chance to work with him.

He now has three radio programmes where he has helped many people who have listened to his show. For Skype training you will be trained with the best. I can highly recommend him and I have seen him change peoples lives and even save lives. You can do this too with our very comprehensive course with D.I.Y manual that gives you check lists and Keithanthony’s and my inductions and suggestions scripts that work. For Skype training you will be trained by the best


We are all of us limitless beyond reason unless and until we choose to limit ourselves.” Keithanthony Nov 17 2010

The extraordinary start to Keithanthony’s extraordinary skill.

“Picture a normal young man having the time of his life. Wearing full leathers, and helmet he climbs onto a motorcycle to head out onto a dark wet highway one dark and lonely night. His life taken away that night by a careless drunken driver. The ensuing accident sent him into a fully vegetative coma, with amnesia so profound he didn’t know what people were, and was paralysed.

Against odds he came out of that coma paralyzed with total amnesia unable even to speak everything taken away including self limiting beliefs. This unwittingly gave him back the one thing he needed to overcome 35 years of pain, and cured of permanent paralysis. That person found he had a powerful will to take life head on breaching impossible barriers using phenomena presented to him naturally, which he later discovered had a name; self-hypnosis.

Now I walk, talk and type as good as anybody, yet I am no more miraculous than anybody here for whether you see it or not we all have our own fantastic stories of overcoming.

Now I am known World wide as a gifted hypnotist, international radio host, interviewer, entrepreneur, always available to motivate people or companies to realize, challenge, and break their glass ceilings.

My simple one life philosophy, “Never quit the winners cup is only one step away!”



Who is Valerie Austin your trainer and founder of

Valerie on the cover of Hot Gossip Magazine pictured with David Cameron.

Valerie on the cover of Hot Gossip Magazine pictured with David Cameron.


Valerie Austin is responsible to bring this incredible training to you first introducing the training at this years Hypnotherapy conference.  Although she has not been working with Skype therapy nearly as long as Keithanthony she can bring help with her pure hypnotherapy  techniques that work the best with Skype or Phone therapy.  This has been essential for her cancer clients that may be incapacitated e.g. in Hospital or too ill to leave their home. It is vital to help with sleep anxiety and training them in self hypnosis for pain reduction.

As well as writing a range of popular self-help books, including ‘Self Hypnosis’. ‘Slim While you Sleep’, ‘Hypnosex’, ‘Free Yourself form Fear’ and Stop Smoking in One Hour,  commissioned by mainstream publishers Valerie Austin’s extensive personal experience treating difficult and unusual problems with thousands of clients has gained her an impressive personal reputation in the hypnosis community.

She has developed an inspiring and rewarding career as a trainer and teacher for hundreds of people and businesses across the world. She pioneered in Stop Smoking and coined the title ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ in the late 80’s. After a hectic 20 years working with both corporate and business hypnotherapy clients she is now focusing on cancer help by producing a documentary and book which will be launched in Spring.

Her highly successful ‘Austin advanced 7-day diploma course’ has limited places and is held once a year in London in the Spring.  For the past three years she held an annual ‘Austin Hypnotherapy Conference’ where she invited international trainers to hold workshops both at the conference and post conference workshops specially designed for qualified hypnotherapists.

Valerie’s varied and exceptional history has been vital in her understanding of the mind. If you wish you can read more about Valerie below.

Before Hypnotherapy…Valerie started her working life, like many, in the achievement-driven world of high performance sales. During her 7-year career with Lancaster Partners, a large UK publishing company, she set sales records never before accomplished. Invariably if not at the top, she was rarely out of the top three of sixty traveling sales reps, Valerie generally earned more money working a 3-day week than the Prime Minister at the time. It was the 70’s and she took her pilots license and ferried private plains as a hobby.

Just the time when independent papers and magazines were starting to be published. She co-owned a ‘What’s-On’ entertainment magazine, which is where her writing career started. Unfortunately, the after-effects of a serious car accident prevented her from continuing her sales career. But it was both her success and the varied experiences she encountered in this industry that encouraged her to develop the necessary skills in order to explore an area for which she felt a natural calling – journalism.

“I was a sales agent on commission only, a sales agent travelling around England, Scotland, Whales and the USA. Competing in a target driven world of appointments, communication, sales techniques and the constant reminders to maintain self-belief and conviction was an excellent environment to learn quickly about human nature. There were some fascinating characters in that lifestyle!

After the accident I was unable to work for a year as I could no longer drive while my back was healing. So I looked for another career. I realised I didn’t just want a change of career but one that would offer me the additional excitement and mental stimulant that I needed. 

At the same time I wanted a career that would allow me to use the skills I had learned and developed.”

So she went into journalism, moved to California and created a life in Hollywood as a trade editor for the film industry covering the Cannes Film Festival for ten years. During this time she returned to the UK and launching two popular London-based cultural and entertainment magazines with her son Philip. Which formed the background for an impressive early career where understanding people was always crucial to success. She was subsequently a regular columnist in a Film Trade magazine also run by her son in London. She later opened an office in Fleet Street and worked with the newspaper industry as a freelance journalist writing and selling stories and photographs to the media. However, because of the 1979 near fatal car accident which led to six difficult years of amnesia she started to take an interest again in hypnosis, the therapy that had helped her regain most of her memory. She found it fascinating and that is where her long career spanning more than 20 years began.

The very unlikely beginning of a remarkable career as a respected, admired and sought after therapist and motivational psychologist. Emerging from such a life-shattering event, it was to be witnessing and developing first-hand the tools of hypnosis that enabled Valerie to rebuild her life.

From this experience, she has devoted the past two decades to the study of hypnotherapy – the remarkable treatment responsible for her cure, and that of many others. Her well established Diploma course in Advanced Hypnotherapy started life as a corporate training course in 1990, primarily designed to increase productivity.

She also became interested in the therapeutic and medical applications of hypnosis and trained potential hypnotherapists in the skill of age regression.

Continually researching, developing and refining her techniques, Valerie has spent many years lecturing and teaching workshops in the USA, Europe and Asia, establishing a research institute on the paradise island of Langkawi in Malaysia and gaining international recognition where her 7-day course was taught in Universities.

“Working on Langkawi, a magical island in Malaysia, where I wrote my first book in 1992 it was an important period of development for my technique. When you work with such a small community, in such an intimate place the challenges are immense. What you do, simply has to work and work well, or your credibility suffers and everyone soon knows – and you would no longer have a practice!

In this way it was an important test centre, and the lessons I learned are important foundations of my constantly evolving hypnotherapy courses.”

In recent years, Valerie has specialized in her advanced techniques for increasing individual and group productivity, stress control, and teaching efficient psychological systems and strategies to help keep the highly-trained business mind free of obstacles that can lead to poor performance, ill health and even breakdowns and now focusing on cancer and teaching how to use Skype for therapy.

“Hypnosis is the only therapy that allows you to get into the mind ‘filing system’ and with the right mind software (regression) bring forward critical information that creates the quick and efficient changes. No other therapy can do this in such a short time and with such a high success rate. With my techniques the obstacles in the mind can be eliminated and the client can lead a normal life. Radical life enhancements are also possible with relative ease, as the speed-reading and stress management parts of my technique illustrate. But what is so important is that my techniques can be trained. I know if the hypnotherapist I have trained follows my techniques to the letter as they too can have an extraordinary success rate.” 

So what now!

I have seen the miracles that Skypnosis is capable of and I am determined to build a team that are at the top of the Skypnosis Tree. I hope you join me and come aboard,”

 Valerie Austin