Skype Hypnosis: The way forward

Overwhelming interest in Skype Hypnosis

The first seminar at the Austin 2013 Hypnotherapy Conference was a discussion of how effective hypnotherapy can be when delivered through Skype, across the internet. The next course is December 29th 8pm UK time as the start of a training going through to February Рnot to be missed.

The idea of remote hypnotherapy, using technology to create the communication link is not new: various attempts have been made as far back as the 1920’s to deliver hypnotherapy using the phone and radio, but these were not always successful.

In recent years, there have been experiments using video conferencing, but the technology was not always reliable, and it was felt that there were risks involved in a session failing half way through, because the links created were often subject to unexpected failure.

The maturity of both Skype and broadband technology means that hypnosis via Skype is now practical and can be a very useful additional source of work for any hypnotherapist.