Skypenosis is the most effective form of distance hynosis

Skype Therapy is extremely effective because your client becomes more focused

If your client can’t get in to see you at your practice in the North of England, Hove or Devon etc.,

  • Because your client lives too far away or not even in the same country.
  • Maybe they are able to make the journey once or even twice but regular travel is unavailable to them.

You will be able to work with a range of therapy packages combining your client visiting you for the first or more visits but not the full therapy at your practice, Skype Therapy or Phone Therapy or a combination to cater for the client you would not normally be able to help.

  • Do you miss out when you meet people when you are socialising, networking or at a charity function but live too far away to commute? You will now be able to offer this client your unique service.
  • If you or your client is disabled you now have options that you didn’t have before.


You can work from the comfort of your own home due to the newly advanced computer age and faster broadband connections!

Skype is a valuable and effective way to experience hypnotic sessions and can even have the SAME results as face-to-face sessions.

All you need is a laptop (which has a built in Video webcam recorder) or a home computer with a separate video webcam.  However, if you are not already a Skype user don’t be put off as downloading Skype is FREE and and the cost to communicate via skype is FREE.  No costs. Just your time.

If you don’t have Skype:

You can test it right now and prepare for our on-line training course.

Just Google  Under the header click “Get Skype”.  A dropdown window will appear.  Under the heading COMPUTER, click WINDOWS.  Then, just click DOWNLOAD NOW and follow instructions.  You can search me under valerieaustinhyp and send a request for me to accept you. Just mention the Skype training.

Skype is worldwide and Keithanthony has worded with people from all over the world – see his testimonials.