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Advanced Skypenosis & Telephone Therapy Practitioner Training with Valerie Austin & Keithanthony Taylor: online certificated Skype training


The first workshop in ‘Train in Skypnosis’ was held at Birkbeck University London with Valerie Austin and Keithanthony Taylor in September 2013 and it was an incredible success with some excellent feedback.  However, because I also had so many emails from people who were disappointed they could not attend I decided to put on a Skype Training course on-line.

We currently have a training course running via Skype which will continue through to the end of February 2014 which walks through the process and which incorporates the best possible sales after care from both Keithanthony and myself.

More training courses will be available throughout 2014: Contact us for more details


The keys to successful Skype Therapy:

  • Good equipment and easy to use.
  • How to maximise your treatment using Skype
  • How to cope with things that go wrong and turn them into your advantage.

What will be covered:

Part #1:  Setting up & How to hypnotise on Skype (including best tried & tested inductions)

  • The latest fact based information that gives the client some choices
  • Self Sabotage: – The way hypnotherapists think that sabotages good therapy. This is vital in the Skype therapy.
  • Making sure your computer is up to the mark for you and your clients
  • The way to set your computer up and the software to use
  • Instructions will be sent pre-training
  • How to cope if your internet connection is lost
  • How to deal with a slow connection on your PC or your clients computer
  • Is the video slowing down your system and what you can do about it
  • How to hypnotise on Skype
  • The best Skype inductions that have been proven to work since 2003
  • Video Case history training from actual clients testimonials and live therapy.


Part #2:  Telephone therapy, Group Skype & Skype Phobia treatment

  • How important telephone therapy can be when using Skype. What type of client responds most successfully and how it can be a life saver
  • Group Skype and audio therapy session
  • Video case history training showing different techniques for the selection of problems you will encounter
  • Phobia Training


Part #3:  Regression therapy on Skype

  • Introduction to regression therapy
  • Showing excellent regression methods to use with Skype as it differs considerably with the general  techniques for regression
  • Video Case Histories showing regression with Skype
  • Group Skype hypnosis and tests that can be used in Skype therapy
  • Q & A


Part #4:  Chronic Pain, Stress & Anxiety

  • Blood Pressure testimonial proof of reduction that astounded the doctor and prevented drug intervention.
  • Mindset of the therapist when dealing with chronic pain
  • Stress and anxiety reduction by Skype therapy
  • Pain reduction and stopping pain
  • Q & A

All these vital points will be covered and much more with a step-by-step manual so you have the full confidence to be a skilled ‘Skype Therapist’.  


More about the trainers:


Valerie's  Skype training idea was first brought to the attention of Hypnotherapists at  the Austin Hypnotherapy Conference at Imperial College 2013.
Valerie’s Skype training idea was first brought to the attention of Hypnotherapists at the Austin Hypnotherapy Conference at Imperial College 2013.

Thanks to technology, the world is a smaller place and the possibilities for your practice are vast and untapped… until now.

I have gathered a marvellous choice of Skype software examples to guide you in the training so you can look and feel professional – and the great news is that the ones I have selected are not expensive and yet so easy to use.  I have no idea what I would do without mine now I have been spoilt.


Here is Keithanthony at the radio station recording his show.

Here is Keithanthony at the radio station recording his show.

Keithanthony will be demonstrating in the training how he has been able to attract paying clients from his local radio shows. He will give you advice on how you can get this free promotion and enjoy the experience.

“I have three Radio shows, one of them is a hospital radio available only at the bedside, a local station, and supporting those with Traumatic Brain Injuries”

A note from your co-trainer, KeithAnthony Taylor


‘The incredible benefit of Skypenosis over conventional approaches is that it opens up the entire WORLD to become your practice room. This brings in those whom you might not otherwise have reached. Myself and Valerie will likely discus during the Skypenosis training the many ways Skypenosis may be used to bring in those we would for many reasons we will discus never have been clients before.’

If you are not yet practising skypenosis, or perhaps you’re not yet fully confident with your skypenosis technique and / or success rates. Keith Anthony Taylor and I will be showing you exactly how to do effective skypenosis, with protocols and scripts… and showing you how to get your clients even deeper than in face-to-face therapy!!

This training will be available wherever you are in the world – not just for those in the UK – and I will be organising the time to work with the majority timezones.

Look forward to “seeing you” on the training.


A little about the earlier workshop:

Keithanthony, Skypnosis pioneer, joined Valerie Austin in an exclusive workshop at the September Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference.

The workshop was designed to teach you how you can develop the skill of using Skype for therapy demonstrating the advantages of this innovative therapy and also highlighting the problems you may face and how to overcome them.

KeithAnthony demonstrates Skype training with Teresa on the pre Austin Conference workshop at Birkbeck University

KeithAnthony demonstrates Skype training with Teresa on the pre Austin Conference workshop at Birkbeck University

A note from Valerie Austin:

“I had been very skeptical of one-to-one hypnosis and training using Skype until I met Keith Anthony. A hypnotherapist and brain damage survivor with two radio shows already under his belt, he really sparked my interest.

Later, by chance, I saw some of his video testimonials on his Facebook page. My journalistic curiosity got the better of me and I watched his video doing healing and was amazed to discover that one of his clients singing his praises was speaking from Alaska. This was intriguing, as she was unlikely to have been over to the UK to have treatment with hypnosis.

Her condition was phantom tingling and pain in a finger that she had previously lost some years before and now the pain and tingling were nonexistent. This was really interesting and I started to talk to him about his unique style of healing.

What I found out was truly remarkable, so much so that I decided that this type of healing was an excellent extra tool for the hypnotherapist wanting to increase their business around the globe. Have you ever thought of working with people overseas or on other continents such as Asia, China or a secluded island? Now therapy around the world is within your grasp.”

This was the first time Keith Anthony has agreed to share his experiences and techniques with therapists in order to help them incorporate Skypnosis into their existing practice. Valerie Austin has also had amazing success utilizing Keith Anthony’s techniques and can now combine her experiences with his techniques in this exclusive training.


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We hope to meet you on our ‘Skype on line training’ 29th December 8.p.m.

Don’t miss this opportunity. email me on or go to the link: to book your place.