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The video above (14 minutes) is the full ‘Skype Therapy’ for reduction of blood pressure with hypnotherapist

Keithanthony. This counts towards your certification for the ‘Skypenosis Course, so please remember to make sure you

complete the comments section AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Example, did you notice any particular strategies or perhaps

mistakes by Keithanthony? etc. These suggestions are designed to help you process your thoughts as you watch the video.

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The next two videos are Keithanthony working with his client on arm levitation. He is demonstrating two

different styles. Which will give you an idea of his therapy on Skype.

1st Arm levitation Video; Demonstration Includes

  • Eye lock convincer.
  • Engaging the unconscious mind.
  • Developing metaphors for lightness using rising clouds.
  • Ideomotor response used to draw attention suggesting the presence of unconscious responses.
  • Opening eyes while in trance to draw attention to the unconscious levitation.
  • Arm drop used to fractionate into even deeper trance.
  • Using compounding of earlier suggestions for overcoming procrastination.
  • Awakening with positive suggestions of well being.

The second arm levitation video show that you can use so much of your own imagination with


2nd Arm levitation Video; Demonstration Includes

  • Eye fixation and re-induction using fractionation.
  • Transfer of attention using left arm.
  • Creating numbness in middle finger.
  • Highlighting idiomotor response.
  • See minute twitching of thumb and fingers.
  • Progressively dissociating with suggestions of numbness, and further relaxation.
  • Notice Keithanthony mistake undoing his work when suggesting “What can we feel in that hand?” which would

    otherwise have been completely under anesthesia, no feeling or awareness at all, not analgesia meaning some awareness.

    Realising his mistake makes further suggestions to remove remaining sensation.

  • Notice Keithanthony’s attention to safety, having discussed with Aino before the trance that Aino would not go

    more than one click on the Allis clamp and that command is reinforced again during trance.

  • Rapid induction with use of trigger.
  • Positive reassurance, and praise.
  • Reinforcement of existing triggers sometimes known as hypnotic gifts.
  • Debrief with client partly edited due to private detail.

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