Why Skypenosis?

ADVANTAGES for Both Therapist and Client


Advantages for the Client

Skypnosis has many advantages for you, the client:

• You don’t have to leave your home as the therapy can be done via video link.

• If you suffer from any issue that prevents you from visiting a therapist, you now have the opportunity to receive the same level of treatment via the internet.

• Established and reputable therapists around the world that you wouldn’t normally be able to visit due to their location are now easily accessible.

• Payment can be made easily on-line via PayPal, bank transfer, credit card or another payment providers.


If you are either a disabled therapist or client it does not stop you working with Skype Therapy


Advantages for the Skype Therapist:

As a therapist Skypnosis can benefit your practice immensely:

• You can expand your client base overseas. Distance really is no object when it comes to doing therapy via Skype.

• As an alternative to using a consulting room, you can work from home and provide the same level of therapy as if you were working with the client face to face.

• In situations where physical immobility prevents you from seeing clients (if you have had an accident for example), Skypnosis is the alternative. No need to cancel appointments. Re-schedule clients to work with them on-line.

Note: Using Paypal, credit card or bank transfer as a payment method is quick and easy. You receive instant payment.  With Paypal the advantage is that the client that does not like using credit cards over the internet also feels safe in making the payment due to paypal’s consumer protection agreement.